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Radio Show Production

Radio Shows

A Custom Radio show production is a powerful way to get your point across.  And they are are "Not Just For The Radio"!

Podcasting and Websites are the "RADIO OF TODAY". 

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We are currently producing Radio Shows that are heard around the world.

Why not take advantage of the trend and put YOUR CUSTOM PRODUCED RADIO SHOW up for your customers on your website.
Be the authority and professionally present your service and company in an informative manner that highlights your specialty.

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We will Produce and Record your Radio Show in our studios.
Web Radio Shows can be of any length. Broadcast Radio requirements differ depending of the network. 
"The Ultimate Problem Solver with Audrey Hope and Steve Scott" is a informative and helpful presentation which assists listeners and questioning e-mailers with personal issues. Presented in a light hearted manner.
Fun and Informative.

Paradigm Gold Group is a leading Precious Metals Specialist. "The Paradigm Gold Show with David Wolfson" informs clients of the advantages of preserving wealth by deversifying an investment portfolio with Precious Metals. 
Great Show!