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Complete Audio Solution for Broadcast and Multimedia

Audio Services

Pinnacle Audio Group is your radio, television, and telephone audio solution. We have produced over 400 Radio spots, dozens of TV spots and hundreds of Telephone on hold audio marketing productions, Sound Design for feature films and TV. We can develop an image for you with our creative audio solutions! 

We offer complete broadcast production and post production services. 

Including: Radio and TV advertising campaign concepts and production, scripting, music and sound, voice over, digital video editing, and webcast video production. Video and audio editing and file preparation for DVD and Webcast - youtube or myspace

We are able to provide audio for broadcast as stereo or 5.1 surround for DVD and film depending upon project requirements.

Your Radio, Television and Telephone "On Hold" Advertising Solution

Fast and affordable commercial production services. You've heard our radio and television commercials for Clorox, Arlington Metro, Metrolink/LA, Caliber Motors Mercedes Benz... 

You've heard us on ESPN and ABC. You hear our famous PHONE AD SYSTEM™ "on hold" productions and you hear our music and see our Quicktime™ commercials on the web too. Now let us develop an image for you. We are your creative solution.

Complete broadcast production and post production services including advertising campaign concept and production including scripting, music and sound, voice over, digital studio services, video production, edit, Quicktime™ commercials and more. Ask Us!

Broadcast Radio, TV, Film, Webcast Production and Post Production

Sound Design - Sound SFX - Voice Over - ADR - Lite Foley
Music Editing - Music Production - Music Mix - Music Mastering
DVD authoring - FCP Video Editing
Digital file preparation for broadcast or web
Pro Tools - Digital Performer - Final Cut Pro

Complete Audio Solutions

WEBCAST Commercial Campaigns
We offer complete production of video commercials that support your marketing efforts. Include them in your website or send them by e-mail.

Radio Commercials
From concept to air, we can handle your project every step of the way. Creative scripting, music IDs, and informative voice overs are our specialty. "Just ask us!”

Pinnacle Audio Group's Phone Ad System On Hold producers can work with you to create a quality commercial designed to cross sell your products and services. Update it throughout the year to keep your customers informed!

Television Commercials
Television commercials can be a great way to reach customers. Pinnacle Audio Group can help you create them. They are fast and more affordable than you might think!

Sound For Picture
We offer sound design and editing for feature film, commercials, and TV shows.

Final mix to stereo or 5.1 surround. Call us for more information!

Music ID
We create jingles for commercials and music for longer form video. Our experienced producers and composers will work with you to create the perfect commercial or music score.

Voice Over & Narration
Voice over for a marketing presentation or narration services for a documentary, sales and training presentations. Our voice over/narration services are perfect. 

Ask us for more information!

Complete Campaigns
We work with advertising agencies and directly with business owners to provide total broadcast packages for our clients.

Audio Books
Have you written a book? We can produce your book for distribution as a CD or digital file format for distribution on digital media such as itunes. You read your book or our voice talent can help.

Radio Shows

Radio shows are a powerful way to get your point across.  And they are are "Not Just For The Radio", podcasting and websites are the "RADIO OF TODAY".  Call Us!

Actors Reels

Bring us your clips and headshots! We will create a reel that will get their attention.

We can prepare it as a DVD as well as an uploadable clip for youtube.

Voice Over Artist Demo Reels

Radio and TV voice demos. Bring your scripting or leave it to us...

We will make you sound your best!

For more information, rates, and appointments - Call us at 310.652.4610