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Complete Audio Solution for Broadcast and Multimedia

Production Services

• We write and produce Radio Commercials, Voice Over, TV and Webcast Commercials that sell and build Your Brand!

• Single Radio Commercial, TV and Webcast Spots to Full Advertising Campaigns!

• Complete Audio and Video Post Production Services for Broadcast Advertising and Feature Film!
Final Cut Pro
Pro Tools
Digital Performer

• Audio Production - ADR, SFX, Sound Design, Sweetening, Voice Over, Narration, 5.1 Surround Mix

• SoundScape Production for Art Installations, Museums, Public Display

• Video Editing - Post Production for TV Commercials, Feature Film, and Webcast Commercials

• Music Services - Music ID's, Mix, CD Mastering, Music Editing

• Marketing and Advertising productions for Webcast, DVD and Video for In Store use.
Our Post Production experts can utilize your existing video and images and augment content with Voice Over and Music to produce stunning pieces that will make you shine!

• On Hold Messages - We Write, We Produce, We Update, We Deliver

• Video/Audio Editing
Final Cut Pro Studio
Pro Tools
Digital Performer
Logic Pro

• Forensic Audio Services - All Audio Formats, Analyze and Enhance Audio Content for Litigation and Court Presentation.

Conveniently located in the Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills

Call Us - 310.766.2233  We are Voice Over Production Specialists!

We look forward to discussing your Broadcast Radio, TV, Telephone, and Webcast production needs!

Our Radio Commercials cut through the clutter of regular radio programming.
Our commercial productions provide consistent representation from station to station, network to network.  Your message won't get lost in the ever expanding world of the "DJ Testimonial" you hear when radio stations produce the radio commercials.

Let us put 20 years of Radio Commercial, Voice Over and Post Production experience to work for you.
We work with many small to mid size clients that have the budget for a media campaign, yet do not want the added expense and difficulties associated with bringing in a large Ad Agency.

Think of us as your "In House" advertising production unit.  All the benefits without the expense.
To complete our Radio Commercial and Broadcast Productions and Marketing, we utilize the same expertise in the production of our Phone Ad System "On Hold" productions.  We provide Radio Commercial style marketing that informs, educates and cross-sells your customers while they are "On Hold" waiting for your representative.
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