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How The Phone Ad System - On Hold Messages Work For You

PINNACLE AUDIO GROUP brings your message to your customers with our Phone Ad System "On Hold" productions, commercial messages, that BUILD YOUR IMAGE and cross-sell your products while keeping your customers informed.

When your customer calls your business and is put On Hold, they are already interested in your products and service.  Take advantage of this time to expand your business by telling them exactly what you want them to know.

Your Phone Ad System Production can be up to six minutes in length, which will include your location and hours information, and more importantly, we bring your company's specialties forward. We script your custom Phone Ad production to entice your customer into inquiring about your featured services. You provide the information to us, we will write the script and go over it with you for your approval.  

Order Direct - 310.766.2233 we accept, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Discover

All Phone Ad System On Hold Productions include basic and detailed information about your business.

RESTAURANTS: example of included information.

• Location and Hours
• Menu Specialties
• About Your Chef
• Catering For Your Party
• Special Event Restaurant Facilities
• Reviews, etc.
• About Your Restaurant

AUTO DEALERSHIPS: Stresses Allocation, Inventory, Service and Finance

• Location and Hours
• New Model Lineup
• Pre-Owned Inventory Information
• Service Facility and Service Specials
• Finance and Lease


• Location and Hours
• Product Lines
• Return Policy
• Sale Dates and Specials
• Payment Methods, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, etc.
• Online Ordering or Shipping

Phone Ad System Production Packages:

• 1 time single productions up to 6 minutes in length. $ 495.00**
Great for a business that has a constant offering.
** Audio Production Only - playback units sold separately.

• Multi-production packages that update your message throughout the year.
This offering let's you take advantage of our special update pricing!
Ask for details.  Great for Auto Dealers, Retailers, Restaurants, Event Planners. 

Call with your questions or order direct: 310.766.2233

Your Phone Ad System On Hold Message can be updated at your convenience, or as an Annual Subscription that can be updated as often as you need.
Call us at 310.766.2233

We can provide digital playback units that are easy to install and program.  But, if you already have a unit, that's great!  We can deliver your Phone Ad System On Hold Production on a format that works in your system. Some offer CD loading, MP3 via USB, USB Thumbdrive or SD Memory card. If you already have a playback unit, let us know which file or format it is at the time of ordering. 

If your telephone system is through a V.O.I.P provider, we will deliver your Phone Ad System On Hold Production as a Digital File Format: MP3, WAV for insertion by your V.O.I.P provider.

Important Note: Before you purchase an on hold audio playback unit. PLEASE CONFIRM that your telephone system has a music on hold (MOH) input jack, or external input jack. Most modern systems do accept MOH, music on hold. Ask your company's Phone Technician to confirm the MOH feature in your system. If your company has only 1 or 2 lines, and no MOH input, you will need to purchase an adapter along with your playback unit. We offer several options for you, Take 2 or the MOH500e adapter units will do the job. Call us for details. 

Custom Phone Ad System productions are completed in 5 to 10 working days. 

CALL: 310.766.2233 for information and pricing.

music and messages, music on hold
We use the Nel-Tech USBi digital playback units for their reliability.  Your productions is loaded onto the included USB drive. Future production updates can be easily added via drag and drop.
Sold Separately
$ 220.00
See above note about system MOH input.
Digital Playback Units ship in 1 to 3 days.